On a November’s Day

In Winter’s cold this November day

All members dressed in Black.

With white starched collars, their robes hanging loose

The ruling piled in stacks.


Behind closed doors they read the news

Then moved out into the street

Where microphones and cameras

The men in black did meet.


Of constitutional rights they spoke and

What of the men who bore so many

The Mormon clan so secretive

And the wives they had a plenty


The bow-man has declared the Law

One of strength and viability

“Not more than one Ye shall have”

To save Monogamy


But what of the other ones

Who share their love so freely

With equal hearts they share their hearts

With three, with four, with many.


With sighs of relief they read the news

Not criminals are most

Freedom reigns for Poly Love

And on the door they did post


The decree of the majority

And it is not about sects.

But consensual poly-fidelity

And Freedom of each’s sex.


A warning still remains in the air

For those that wish to vow

To each other and publicly

They are criminals still now.


The question is of Community

And how Marriage is defined.

But we stand together in unity

With those that have crossed that line.

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