Last night the dreams flowed clear and complex. One blending into the other like channel surfing the movie stations.

They began with myself driving a sedan with my wife and Brother-Husband in the back seat. We were sitting on a large car ferry as it pulled into the dock. The large ramp and bridge loomed over us with its large steel structure. There were no other cars waiting to get on board.

Off to the right behind the pier there was an old WWII tank sitting on the edge of a swamp that was chocked with tall light green reeds.

The ferry finally docked and I gunned the engine.  I sped off the ramp and onto the bridge.

Too fast.

I lost control of the car and it careened off the side of one of the large bridge supports. The driver’s side door peeled off and glass flew everywhere.  My wife yelled at me angrily and in shock over what I had done. It was clearly my fault.

The with a visual hick-up the visions started again.

We were back on the Ferry. Fully aware that this was a second attempt.  The ferry docked again and I sped off and onto the bridge. My wife yelled at me to slow down and cautioned me not to do the same thing twice

I ignored her and again lost control of the car.

This time we slid sideways and the car rolled. The roof came down on me and the dashboard pinned me down so I lay across both front seats. I felt my stomach lurch as we broke through the guardrail and plummeted down into the water. I watched the decent through the windshield and frantically worked to get loose from under the wreckage.

We hit the water.

Then back on the Ferry.

This time we were sitting on the inside of the top deck and spread out individually on separate molded plastic seating.  The sunlight streamed in through the multiple windows as we sailed away from the dock.

Gradually the weather worsened and the waves increased in height and the sky turned to a dark grey.

From where I sat I could see out the forward windows and watch the progress of the Ferry as it plowed through the growing roll of the Ocean.

I kept warning the family behind me to stay seated and to hold on each time we crested a wave and then descended into the next trough.

Soon the waves rose higher than the upper deck and showed no sign of stopping their growth. The cabin turned dark as the almost black water blocked out the sky.

Finally a wave of such immense size loomed over the bow and the Ferry started to rise up the side of it. We started to roll to the starboard and run perpendicular to the enormous wave. I yelled back to the family to hold on.

In an instant the Ferry began to capsize as the wave rolled over us. The windows blew in with the pressure of the water and the boat spun around and around. There was a young girl now immersed in the water next to me. I grabbed her and pushed her out the now blown in window then I followed. We rose up through the boiling water. I could see that we rose up toward a growing light and knew the storm had disappeared and the sun shone.

Back at the pier connected to the dock with the camera looking down from a height over the edge I saw a long water craft with what must have been almost a thousand military divers lined up in close ranks.  They immediately all started running and their feet propelled hundreds of paddle wheels and the craft lurched forward.

Too fast.

It stopped suddenly as it hit the side of pier and hundreds of the divers lost their footing and plunged into the water being crushed between the large craft and the walls of the dock.

I knew at that point that they were all trying to get away in order to save the passengers on the capsized Ferry. But also felt that it would not work.

But they tried again.

Now I sat on the deck of a large boat wrapped in a blanket and was crying with relief. I had saved that little girl. An officer was asking me questions.

We docked back at the pier and I headed out along it to where the tank sat. I was wearing a down filled bomber jacket with military insignia on it. A Tank Commander came up to me angrily and told me I should not be wearing it.

I ignored him and proceeded to pack up my belongings scattered around the tank.  I stopped for a moment and looked at the large blanket that the tank sat on and wondered if it belonged to me but then decided it didn’t.

Then the alarm went off.

I woke to my cat yelling at me and running around my head then jumping off the bed.  In an almost psychotic mood he started scratching at the cardboard box in the hallway and then running around in fits and starts maniacally.

I heard the coffee maker gurgling from the kitchen.

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