A Passion Fostered

My smile cannot be wiped from my face.

As if to mirror that, the sky is bright blue and the air is fresh and clean.

A third Date. A series of Kisses. Arms wrapped around each other. Fingers entwined and her legs resting tightly over mine.

We reclined on the couch watching the first Die Hard movie. A Violent Christmas Carol filled with an unlimited supply of ammunition and bloody feet . Apart from the gunfire we were silently holding each other. Her lovely body draped over me and our hands clasped together. Resting on Her breasts.  Peaceful.  As if there was a no man’s land between us and the television.

Tea sat steeping on the coffee table. Untouched.

A night passes and a shower taken and I think I can still smell her hair.

I do not think I touched the ground on the walk to work this morning.

She has permeated me. Deep into my pores. My Heart has swelled and taps lightly within my chest.

I feel so lucky. So very lucky to have these Women in my Life. The support and interest from my Wife and the same from my Girlfriend. The delicate caress from this wonderfully alive Woman.

The movie over, we kissed delicately and slowly. Not wanting to rush this moment.  Her lips soft and gentle. the brief feel of her tongue against my lips. Our arms wrapped around each other. There was Passion but at type of intense languid Passion. An eagerness to make the moment last. But not the frantic Lust that is expected today from two people wrapped together late at night on a third Date.

Finally we broke free of each other and stared deeply into our eyes. I touched her hair. She ran her fingers through mine.

She is so beautiful.

But I should leave. While my Heart wanted to Make Love to her. To feel her Flesh against me. To kiss her soft skin. I should leave. I should leave and let the Passion build. The relationship ripen. To not follow the Present Day’s script for Dates so often based upon a Baseball Game. “How many Dates to run the Bases?” Could be an article in Cosmopolitan.

I should leave.

“Ah… but it’s cold outside.”

I should leave.

We rose from the couch and embraced again. We kissed again.

I leave for Home in three days. I have two more nights free to see her and she states she wants to see me again before I leave.

I want nothing more. She could fill my Dance Card every night if she wanted.

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