Joy to the World

I am beside myself with emotion.

I cannot sleep. It is 2:24 AM in the morning, two hours after having left Her house.

We did not watch a movie and instead we sat on Her couch and talked and laughed. We went through old pictures of Her, friends and her Family. We talked about Her past relationships and where they stand today. Christmas songs played quietly in the background.

The conversation was punctuated, like glorious Periods, with a series of Kisses and caressing of Her face. She un buttoned the top of my shirt and ran her fingers and eyes over one of my tattoos.

She has a glorious smile and bone structure. Her hair is think, dark and soft. Her Green eyes are piercing. Her skin is so pale and smooth.

Once again there was no rush. Simply a calm Passion between the two of us.

We talked of Making Love and how it will happen at some point. But there is no rush.

Then it was time to leave and she redid my top two buttons.

I told Her she is beautiful and that I will miss her while I am away.

Tomorrow I fly out across the Country to see my Family and my Girlfriend.  I am very excited. I miss them dearly and cannot wait to see them. To spend the festive Season with them in my Home.

I am Filled with Joy.

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