Back “Home”.  Well the East Coast Home.

The Vacation back with the family was very satisfying and rejuvenating. But not without its trials.

I adore my Family and missed them very much. They met me at the airport, all of them, despite it being almost midnight.  It was heart-warming.

My wife and Brother Husband and I slept in the big bed together all cuddling and feeling loving.  It had been almost a year since that happened and I awoke Alive and Wonderfully Happy.

The rest of the week was full of Christmas Cheer and playing with the kids.

Unfortunately after a long heart to heart with my Girlfriend we decided to end our relationship for a host of reasons but not the least of which being the trials of a long distance relationship.  It hurt but being able to reach an amicable decision we are able to remain great friends and that will never change.

New Year’s Eve found me on a long series of plane rides back to the East Coast.  I arrived at 11:00 and took a cab directly to Her house.   I arrived at ten to Midnight and she rushed out of the house and stodd barefoot in a puddle outside her door and kissed me passionately. I embraced her tightly and a wave of warmth enveloped me.

Finally  we entered her house and after depositing my bags we cuddled closely on the couch and waited for the seconds to count down to Midnight. We almost missed it for the kissing and then the cork was popped on the Bottle.

After a sip we embraced again and she laid on top of me wrapping her arms tightly around me. She said she didn’t plan on getting off of me. I agreed wholeheartedly .

“I Love you.” She whispered and the World stood still.

As I have explained over the last few posts, the emotions have been intense. We connected so thourally right away and had so much in common and laughed so deeply and warmly. We were drawn to each other right from the beginning, even in the texts prior to actually having the first Date. The days are full of long messages and warm sentiments. The tightness in my chest and the constant thoughts of her were tiring and almost frustrating while at the same time joyous.  I was and am sick with emotion.

“I Love you too.”

We pulled apart and began to talk. We talked of how strong our feelings are even over a short time and how connected we are.  We talked of our past and present Loves and the strength of emotions.

When I met my Wife in a crowded Bar even only briefly the connection was almost scary. I was drawn to her  and, despite a plethora of previous relationships, I Knew that we were destined to be together and forever.  My feelings for her have not changed after all of these years.

The connection with Her is as complimentary and strong.

I feel so lucky and am resolved to make these women as Loved as possible.

We talked, embraced and kissed for some time and then after such a long trip and strong emotions I rose and we parted resolved to meet the next day for some further adventure.

New Year’s also marks the  anniversary of my Wife and I’s first official date several years ago and I rose at four in the morning to call her at her Midnight and wish her a Happy New Year as she celebrated with Brother Husband back Home.  We shared some heartfelt warmth over the phone and then I returned to bed.

I do not feel worried or apprehensive about sharing these strong emotions with my Wife and Her.  I know that my Wife is worried about the distance between us and the remote possibility of our relationship dissolving but I reassured her that that is simply not possible.  We are Soul Mates and she will always be so. There were of course times at the beginning of her relationship with Brother Husband that the natural feelings of jealousy were there. I was worried about how her feelings for me might change. She kept reassuring me that they would not. I had to believe her. It has stayed true. She has always been there for me despite the trials and tribulations. Now as this Woman has entered my life so pervasively I am in the position of reassuring her and this will not be difficult. I must make her know that my feelings for her will not change.  I Love her so much.

Love is a wonderful emotion that affects us so thoroughly. It is glorious and scary and wonderful.

I am so lucky to experience it.

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