Once battened down the hatches be

With violent roll the coal-black sea.

“I am alive!” my pain does proclaim

Beneath the beating of the rain.


The bow does rise to crest a wave

How predictable she does behave

Then back into the trough so dark

Where dreams and hope appear so stark


But with strength upon this midnight prow

I scream to the Heavens “Not now! Not Now!

Though the challenge be the angry sea

The tumultuous waves inside me be.


The many heads of Hydra rise

Above the mast and the seagulls’ cries.

To tempt me into the cold dark depths

To join the many of this ocean’s wrecks.


But with sharpened sword and mighty reach

I slay the heads as they try to breach

The inner sanctum of my soul’s warm heart

And fight away this menacing dark


And soon I know the waves will calm

And stars will shine and the sun will dawn

But around this Horn we must first go

If Peace and Love we later will know.

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